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Easy Tips How To Always Find Something Healthy To Eat

Is it just me or is the most annoying thing in my house is the ever-revolving door of? ”I am going to be really good” this week! Why is it so hard to find something healthy to eat? 

I went grocery shopping got home and now have a fridge full of food.  And boom Monday night hits… you get home from work and you open the fridge. There is magically nothing to eat!!! Or maybe it doesn’t hit you right away… your week is going really well! But mid-week you come to a crossroads. All of your pudding cups and pizza rolls are all gone. Do I cook or do I go pick up a Lil Ceasars pizza or something? 

We all have weeks like this nobody is perfect. I know I am not! But here are my top 6 tips on how to reduce your food waste. 

Here are my top 3 tricks to keep your household food waste down and unplanned fast food runs to a minimum! 

Do not use the crisper drawers for your fruits and veggies! 

Out of sight out of mind. It is as simple as that! I know, I know, but Hanna, they are designed to put your fruits and veggies in!!!  I am not stopping you by any means. But, if you are as lazy as I am. Opening a drawer is not what I do when I am BORD-GRY (board and hungry). I open the fridge door and gaze lost into the shelves that are at eye level. This could be when I’m needing a snack or when I am tired and looking for ideas on what to make for dinner. 

Organize your fridge like this

So, I gave away my biggest refrigerator tip in point one. But, it is so key to this plan.  I always have my most delicate (stuff that goes bad first) at eye level. The easier to accesses the more likely it is to get eaten! This makes it easy to find something healthy to eat. Seems common sense right? This stuff for example is leftovers, berries, lettuce, cottage cheese, most fresh items really. If you cant move your shelves around to accommodate, you can simply use some of those shelf organizers. You most likely have to create space or even grab some cheap organizers from the dollar store. Or, If you want some really awesome containers buy these from our Amazone affiliate link.

You can make almost anything into a soup, Mac, or stir fry! 

Ok, let’s throw out another hypothetical scenario …. Maybe you did really awesome this week. You stayed on the budget this week and you also made all the meals you had planned. But it is late in the week and well you think there is nothing to eat… but wait. Before you order food or grab those keys. Let’s see what we can make with the odds and ends in the house. This Teddy Mac Recipe will make it fast and easy to find something healthy to eat.  Teddy Mac Recipe 

Portion lunches and snacks ahead of time and pre-chop your choppables. 

The less you have to think/do during the week the better! Do you need to pack lunches to take to work or for the kids to take to school? By pre-making lunches, you can save money but also waste less. That bag of baby carrots sitting in the drawer… Make some baggies of carrots easy to grab and ready to go straight into the lunchbox. The onions you are going to use in the chili you so lovingly planned to make this Wednesday night… Chop them up and have them ready to go. The less work you have on the work week the better. So many of us are left with little energy after working all day that making dinner for the family seems to be a chore 

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